value of writing

Value of my writing

The value of my writing really depends on its initial purpose. It all just depends on what is it for, or whom is it goings to. If it is some sort of writing assignment, which involves a topic you really don’t find as interesting like for me history or science then I wouldn’t have any fun writing it at all and I would just write gibberish that doesn’t catch my attention and write something because I have to and not because I want to. Now the only time I actually find my writing with some value is when your emotions are put into it. It can be something funny like online or on a note of like me I always put something funny on serious letters and card to friends and loved one to ease the tension, but then sometimes you pour your heart into like a love/valentines/birthday letter where all your emotions go into and has great meaning and that I would consider some great value. Like once a girl wrote me a love letter and I kept that thing in my wallet for a long period of time, now it is gone since we broke up lol … but now I keep a writing assignment in which I value very much and has been in my wallet since my senior year in high school almost 2 years ago you can say, I really didn’t put that much emotion into it since it is about “how I am an ass” but I did find very hilarious and memorable since it did saved my butt cheeks from failing high school and now I keep it as a reminder to not mess up anymore is school and to take it more seriously if you really want to move one in life. That the kind of stuff I would truly find valuable.


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